​Individual 30 min 30€
​Individual or group (max. 4 persons) 60 min 60€

DarČekové poukazy

Ponúkame možnosť zakúpenia darčekových poukazov u nás, alebo telefonicky na t.č. 0905 941 418, 0911 901 347 


​Who is the trainer for?

​- professional skiers and snowboarders (ski clubs)
- amateur enthusiasts- complete beginners
- athletes after injuries (as part of rehabilitation)
- children (from boot size - 197 mm)

​How do I book a training session?

​- via our online booking system at least 2 working days in advance 
- or by phone +421 905 565 141

​Does the coach have to be present during the training?

​- as a standard we have a trainer present during the whole training, who coordinates all activities and takes care of the smooth course of the training and your experience 

​What do I need to bring to training?

​- own ski boots (ski boots can be rented at the Ski House Zjazdové skže Košice, ski boots, ski poles, helmets, ...
- cycling or skater helmet (recommended for your own safety, under 18 years of age helmet is compulsory)
- functional sports clothing that does not hinder active movement
- own bottle of water
- towel

​Where can you find us?

​South class 82, in the building on the first floor on the right, (turn from South class to Ginka and then around the former VSS about 300m)

​How long does it take to train?

​- standard training lasts at least 30 minutes
- group training lasts at least 60 minutes (max. for 4 persons)
- it is necessary to arrive 15 minutes in advance
- of course it is also possible to choose an individual training plan and its length (ski schools/clubs)

​Can I pay by card?

​- payment is possible only in cash 
- payment is also possible on invoice

​Does the child have to be accompanied?

​- children and juniors under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult 
- they must wear a safety helmet and fill in a form 
- the form is available on our website

​Are there changing rooms and showers available?

​Yes of course there are ladies and gents changing rooms with showers on the premises.